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Peculiarities of the Irish Marketplace…

There are certain peculiarities that are exclusive to the Irish Market. For example, Vauxhall is branded Opel in Ireland. PG Tips and its world-famous monkeys could not dent local brands Barrys and Lyons teas. We have worked with many international brands and helped them crack the code!

Traditional media

From small ads in local press, large ads in national (or international) press to specialist trade journals, radio commercials, outdoor media (buses, Dart, Luas, stops, carriages and stations), beer mats to Outdoor posters, TV & cinema and not so traditional like inflatable posters, Blue tooth broadcasting, even ice cream vans (if the weather is right!). Together we will work to build and implement successful recruitment campaigns and strategies.

Digital media (Paid, Owned and Earned)

Digital media offers unique opportunities to target audiences in very specific ways. It is a critical element in most (if not all) recruitment campaigns working best when integrated with other media channels. With the ever changing landscape and updates and the increasing challenges it brings, it requires we can bring that specialist knowledge and skill to plan, design and implement successful campaigns.


Creativity only works effectively when it’s highly relevant whatever the media or channel.


When it comes to production we have it covered. Whether its traditional media or digital we can produce and deliver within budget and on time!

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